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I have added over a 100 candids of Taylor on the set of his new film \’The Other Woman\’ alongside his co-star Cameron Diaz. So check those out in the gallery.

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Rumours have been running wild this week that Lady Gaga’s man Taylor Kinney has been getting a little too close to co-star Cameron Diaz on their aptly named film The Other Woman.

According to The Sun a source approached them to reveal, “Cameron and Taylor have clicked on set and are getting on really well. They’ve been hanging out and the news has reached Gaga’s camp.”

The ‘insider’ claimed that, “Cameron and Taylor have been seen in cafes and went out for dinner,” alleging, “They were joined at the hip at a drinks party for Kate Upton’s birthday.”

They finished by adding that, “It’s been a stressful time for Gaga with this on her plate as she’s recovering from hip surgery.”

Yet despite the malicious rumours – Gaga was spotted looking just as loved up as ever with her man out on a stroll in New York on Monday (10 June).

A rep for Gaga has since blasted the rumours as “untrue” to fact checkers Gossip Cop.


- source: thehothits.com

Hey guys. Sorry about the lack of updates, but work has kept me pretty busy. I have added screencaps and stills of Taylor from the last 2 episodes of Chicago Fire. Im in also in the process of adding behind the scenes photos as well so check that out soon.

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Taylor Kinney and Jesse Spencer star in the NBC series Chicago Fire, which has been renewed for a second season by the network. As well as a new season of Chicago Fire, NBC have also picked up the spin-off show Chicago PD, which centers on the police department. Taylor and Jesse have both spoken about Chicago PD and the possible crossover between the two shows, \”It kind of evolved, so we didn\’t know much about it. I wouldn\’t say we were in the dark, but there wasn\’t anything set in stone,\” Kinney explained.

Spencer then added, \”Some of the actors, Jason [Beghe] and Jon [Seda], have been a part of our show for the latter part of our season; the idea was spawned through that and came about and everything fell into place. Those guys are great actors, great coworkers and we\’ll be working hand-in-hand with them.\”

You can see Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey and Taylor Kinney as Kelly Severide in Chicago FIre, when season two premieres on NBC in the Fall. Meanwhile, Chicago PD will star Melissa Sagemiller, Jon Seda and J.B. Smoove and is also expected to premiere in the Fall.

- source: fansshare.com

I have added all of Taylors appearances so far this year to the gallery including todays event at the upfronts. I also added a new photoshoot from the NBC press day. So check those out in the gallery.

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More than two years after the Blackhawks brought the Stanley Cup trophy to Lottie\’s Pub, the NHL\’s most prized possession returned to the Bucktown bar to make a cameo on the NBC firefighter drama \”Chicago Fire.\”

The episode featuring the Stanley Cup airs Wednesday and was filmed April 12 at Lottie\’s — known as Molly\’s on the Dick Wolf-produced series. An NHL spokeswoman said the trophy\’s appearance on the episode, which has to do with a fundraiser at Molly\’s, is a promotion of sorts for the NHL playoffs currently airing on NBC Sports Network.

The stars of the show are no strangers to hockey. Taylor Kinney and Jesse Spencer have attended a handful of Blackhawks games while in Chicago filming the series, including Marian Hossa\’s 1,000th game in March, and said their interest in the sport has increased significantly during their time here.

\”I think a lot of that has to do with this city,\” Kinney said while on the set with the famous trophy. \”We started going to Blackhawks games when they were on their winning streak. You could feel the electricity in the (United Center).\”

Like Kinney, Spencer has taken part in the \”Shoot the Puck\” challenge during Blackhawks games. But unlike Kinney, who said he played street hockey growing up, the Australian Spencer said he had never played hockey before taking part in the challenge in February.

\”That\’s my new favorite sport,\” Spencer said over the phone April 28. \”I didn\’t get into it until I came here. I\’d been to one game before that with Hugh Laurie while we were in Vancouver shooting the pilot for \’House.\’ I\’d never touched a hockey stick in my life before I got to \’Shoot the Puck.\’\”

Kinney and Spencer have also attended Cubs, Bears and Bulls games while in Chicago (Kinney brought his girlfriend, Lady Gaga, to a Chicago Bulls Charities fundraiser at the United Center in January) but, ironically, have yet to attend a Chicago Fire soccer game at Toyota Park.

\”No Fire games, oddly enough,\” Kinney said. \”I think they\’re mentioned in this (Stanley Cup) episode. I\’d love to go see a game.\”

One \”Fire\” cast member who has attended a Fire game is Eamonn Walker.

\”I think Eamonn did the coin toss at a Fire game,\” Spencer said. \”We let the Englishman handle that one.\”

- source: chicagotribune.com

Taylor Kinney revealed major spoilers for the ‘Chicago Fire’ to HollywoodLife.com!

Chicago Fire star Taylor Kinney stunned on the red carpet May 7 at a screening of The Great Gatsby. Before the screening, hosted by Cinema Society with Brooks Brothers and Town & Country, Taylor talked EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife.com about what’s happening next on his hit NBC show!

‘Chicago Fire’ Spoilers: Finale Will Bring Everyone Together

After the return of Detective Voight on the May 1 episode, we know that there are going to be some surprises — and probably not good ones — to come on the final two episodes this season.

Taylor’s character, Lieutenant Kelly Severide, is in quite the pickle this season after a former paramedic candidate threatens to file sexual harassment charges against him. But that’s not the only drama coming!

“Well, before we wrap up the season, we have characters coming back that were kind of mainstays earlier on in the season,” Taylor told us. “And then the last episode, our final episode, takes place in kind of a congregated area — one big place that brings all the usual suspects together! It should be exciting.”

We can’t wait!

Taylor Kinney Isn’t Opposed To ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’

Lady Gaga‘s beau also commented on the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie series, as fans have admitted they want him to take on the role of Christian Grey.

He admitted he hasn’t read the books, but isn’t against checking them out.

“I don’t know!” Taylor said about reading the series. “I’m not really lining up to! Maybe if I was stranded in an airport, I’d scoop one up!”

- source: hollywoodlife.com

I have added the screencaps and episode stills from Wednesday\’s episode. Only 2 more episodes left so dont forget to catch it every week!

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