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Taylor Jacks Heisler Kinney (born July 15, 1981) is an American actor and model. Kinney is best known for his role as Luke Gianni on the TV series Fashion House on MyNetworkTV, and his regular role on Trauma on NBC. In 2010, he portrayed Mason Lockwood in the The Vampire Diaries TV series, which airs on The CW, for 7 episodes. In 2011, he returned to his character for 2 episodes, starting October 20. continue...

Current Projects

Chicago Fire
Taylor as: Kelly Severide
Status: Filming Season 2
Premieres: Season 2 airs in September

The story of firefighters in Chicago. IMDB | PHOTOS | OFFICIAL

The Other Woman
Taylor as: TBA
Status: Filming
Release Date: April 25, 2014

After realizing she is not her boyfriend's primary lover, a woman teams up with his wife and plots mutual revenge. IMDB | PHOTOS | OFFICIAL

Next On…Chicago Fire

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Photos: Chicago Fire Season 3 Premire Captures and Stills

Posted on Sep 26th, 2014 • Posted by Holly in Chicago Fire ,Photos0 Comments

Episode still and captures from the season 3 premiere of Chicago Fire have been added to the gallery.

thumb 0020 Photos: Chicago Fire Season 3 Premire Captures and Stills thumb 0043 Photos: Chicago Fire Season 3 Premire Captures and Stills  Photos: Chicago Fire Season 3 Premire Captures and Stills thumb 0164 Photos: Chicago Fire Season 3 Premire Captures and Stills

Gallery Links:
Filmography: Television > 2012 | Chicago Fire > Chicago Fire: Screen Captures > Season Three: Screencaps (2014) > 3.01 Always
Filmography: Television > 2012 | Chicago Fire > Chicago Fire: Episode Stills > Season Three: Stills (2014) > 3.01 Always

Photos: Season 2 Captures, Stills, Behind the Scenes and Promo Shoot

Posted on Sep 24th, 2014 • Posted by Holly in Chicago Fire ,Photos0 Comments

Season two’s gallery is now complete with screencaptures, episode stills, behind the scenes and promotional images!

thumb 0081 Photos: Season 2 Captures, Stills, Behind the Scenes and Promo Shoot thumb 0081 Photos: Season 2 Captures, Stills, Behind the Scenes and Promo Shoot thumb 0039 Photos: Season 2 Captures, Stills, Behind the Scenes and Promo Shoot thumb 0001 Photos: Season 2 Captures, Stills, Behind the Scenes and Promo Shoot

Gallery Links:
Filmography: Television > 2012 | Chicago Fire > Chicago Fire: Promotional Photos > Season Two: Promotional (2013) > Shoot 001
Filmography: Television > 2012 | Chicago Fire > Chicago Fire: Screen Captures > Season Two: Screencaps (2013)
Filmography: Television > 2012 | Chicago Fire > Chicago Fire: Behind the Scenes > Season Two: Behind the Scenes (2013)

Recent Event Additions

Posted on Jun 18th, 2014 • Posted by Holly in Photos0 Comments

thumb 0003 Recent Event Additions thumb 0013 Recent Event Additions thumb 0002 Recent Event Additions thumb 0005 Recent Event Additions

Gallery Links:
Events & Appearances > 2014 > May 20 | Cuban Independence Day Celebration Hosted By VICE
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Taylor Kinney Gets Two New Movie Roles

Posted on May 28th, 2014 • Posted by Holly in Food ,News ,Projects ,Rock the Kasbah0 Comments

Looks like Taylor will be keeping busy in the off season of Chicago Fire!

Chicago Fire star Taylor Kinney has nabbed two movie roles that he will undertake during his summer hiatus from the hit NBC drama.

Taylor, who is already on screens in Fox’s comedy hit The Other Woman, has joined Bill Murray in Rock the Kasbah, an all-star comedy being directed by Barry Levinson, as well as Food, an indie political thriller from Zoey Lister Jones and Daryl Wein, the makers of Lola Versus.

He will shoot both concurrently.

Murray, Bruce Willis, Zooey Deschanel, Kate Hudson, Scott Caan, Danny McBride and Leem Lubany are starring in Kasbah, which is in preproduction from QED International, Venture Forth and Shangri-La Entertainment. Open Road is distributing domestically.

Kasbah tells of a has-been rock manager (Murray) who takes his last remaining client on a USO tour of Afghanistan. When he finds himself in Kabul, abandoned, penniless and without his passport, he discovers a young girl (Lubany) with an extraordinary voice and manages her through Afghanistan’s version of American Idol, the wildly popular Afghan Star.

Taylor will play a soldier who escorts Murray and Deschanel around the country.

Food, meanwhile, is being directed by Wein, who co-wrote the script with Lister Jones. Lister Jones is also one of the leads, alongside an ensemble that includes Victor Garber (Argo), Kunal Nayyar (Big Bang Theory), Anthony Edwards (Zodiac).

Food is set in the world of Genetically Modified Organisms and centers on a single mother who goes on a journey to uncover the cause of her son’s mysterious illness. Intertwined with her arc are the stories of a CEO grappling with his son’s autism, an organic farmer in danger of losing his farm, and two scientists on the brink of a major discovery.


Photos: US Weekly Scan

Posted on May 25th, 2014 • Posted by Holly in Photos0 Comments

I have added a scan of Taylor from the US Weekly Hot Bodies issue to our gallery.

thumb 0001 Photos: US Weekly Scan

Gallery Link:
Magazines / Publications > Us Weekly | June 2, 2014

Taylor Kinney talks about Lady Gaga with Glamour Magazine

Posted on May 9th, 2014 • Posted by Holly in Interviews0 Comments

What you know Taylor Kinney from depends on what you watch more: NBC’s Chicago Fire or your Lady Gaga Google alert (he’s Mother Monster’s beau of almost three years—they met on the set of her “You and I” music video). And now we all know him as Leslie Mann, Cameron Diaz, and Kate Upton’s costar in the ultimate girl-blockbuster, The Other Woman. (Mann teams up with Diaz and Upton to take gleeful revenge on a skeevy guy they all have in common, and Kinney plays the sane-guy sounding board.) The 32-year-old Vampire Diaries alum told us about portraying one of Chitown’s finest, working with the funniest blonds in the biz, and the hazards of hiking with Gaga.

GLAMOUR: How has taking on such a heroic role in Chicago Fire changed you? Firefighters are pretty much the bravest people on earth.
TAYLOR KINNEY: I’ve always looked up to them, and that grew even more after 9/11. But going on ride-alongs with real Chicago firefighters and wearing the heavy suits they wear [to prep for the role] raises your appreciation. It’s a selfless job.
GLAMOUR: What’s been your craziest fire-related experience?
TK: I once lived in a cottage made entirely of wood, and there was an electrical fire. We all ran outside, and no one got hurt, but the house was demolished.
GLAMOUR: That’s so scary. Did you take anything with you?
TK: I think I grabbed a record player and a phone charger. Your mind doesn’t operate like you think it will—it just goes blank.
GLAMOUR: You had a big part on Vampire Diaries. Do you get recognized more for that or Chicago Fire?
TK: People still fan out on [my character] Mason Lockwood. That show did a lot for me.
GLAMOUR: When The Other Woman was in production, we all saw pictures of you guys shooting on the beach with wine—it looked like a blast.
TK: It was so much fun. And working with Leslie Mann was like a master class in comedy. It’s so hard to keep it together around her.
GLAMOUR: What do you do when you’re in your hometown of Lancaster, Pennsylvania?
TK: I love Sunday-morning drives. I’ll be up at 6 A.M., get a cup of coffee, and head out.
GLAMOUR: And if Gaga comes back home with you, what do you guys do with that time?
TK: We’ll hike together. I’m always giving her flak, like, “Babe, you can’t wear your heels when we’re hiking.” We’ve been painting a bunch lately too.
GLAMOUR: What do you paint?
TK: I can’t tell you—I’ll have to leave it up to the imagination. There’s a lot of laughing. I think that’s the basis of a healthy relationship. We laugh a lot.
GLAMOUR: I love that. You guys are under such a spotlight—how do you deal with it?
TK: I have no desire to talk about rumors. But I think we just complement each other. I’m proud of her, and I’d like to believe she’s proud of me. We’re kindred spirits.


Taylor Kinney Reveals Most Romantic Gesture!

Posted on Apr 25th, 2014 • Posted by Holly in Media ,The Other Woman ,Video0 Comments

Does Taylor Kinney Believe in Marriage and Monogamy? Lady Gaga’s Hottie Boyfriend Opens Up

Posted on Apr 15th, 2014 • Posted by Holly in Interviews ,News0 Comments

We’ve got some really good news for Lady Gaga—her boyfriend Taylor Kinney believes in marriage and monogamy.

“I think so,” the Chicago Fire actor says when I asked if he feels you can get hitched and spend the rest of your life with just one person. “My grandparents have been together for 50 some odd years. I know a lot of happy marriages.”

Why was I questioning Kinney about fidelty and commitment? When I caught up him the other day at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, he was promoting The Other Woman, director Nick Cassevetes’ new romantic comedy about a Connecticut housewife (the hilarious Leslie Mann) who teams up with two of her husband Mark’s mistresses (including a hotshot lawyer played by Cameron Diaz) to seek revenge on her cheating hubby (Game of Thrones’ Nikolaj Coster-Waldau).

“If you’re in a committed relationship, it’s a choice what you do,” Kinney said. “Hopefully you don’t take the route of Mark and just run amok…I think the idea of taking vows lightly or just marriage in general is a new thing. It’s in the statistics; just look at divorce rates. People used to stay unhappy until death do you part, I guess. ”

In the film, Kinney plays Mann’s brother, who appears to have the hots for Diaz’s character.

He admits he was nervous about meeting Diaz for the first time. “I was like, I hope she’s cool,” Kinney said. “I just wanted to put in some work and have a good outcome. I remember meeting her and she was just so down to earth and receptive. She really is. She came in and it was like playing. I was like a kid in the sandbox. It was loose and it was fun. We just played.”


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