I am currently in college and thought it would be fun to create a website that showcases my passions and allows me to share my interests with people and through things out onto the deep dark depths of the inter-web and see if anything comes back. Most likely, the only visitor this site will ever get will be from my mum. But hey ho, hopefully if you have stumbled across my site and are still reading this ramble, you will be interested in sports, Bollywood or gaming. I have a broad range of interests, or so I have been told.

Growing up in the middle of nowhere in Australia has meant that I have developed a keen curiosity for a variety of things and have been fascinated in other countries and cultures since I was a kid. My mother is of Indian decent and while I have shared a keep love of sports, particularly football with my dad (who is originally from the UK), over the years I have bonded with my mum over our shared love of Bollywood. Since the age of about 5 I can remember my mum plonking me in front of Bollywood films, just as often as the latest American or Australian cartoon and blockbuster. Before long we would both be singing along and dancing around the living room together. Since those days I have been an avid follower of Bollywood.

Gaming is another thing that I have been really into since I was a kid, since as well as sharing some of my parent’s interests, I have been eager to develop my own. I love many different types of gaming including board games, but my favourite without a doubt in PlayStation first player games. What started out as just a hobby has turned into my ultimate career goal! I decided a few years ago when I started learning about graphic and coding that I want to be a video game designer, and following that – a game story and script creator!

I hope you feel compelled to check out the rest of my site. In the Bollywood section you will find information about some of the biggest Bollywood stars and some weird and wonderful facts. In the sports section you will find my predictions for the premier league and my thoughts on the top teams. Last, in the gaming section you’ll find game recommendations and maybe even some information on my own game that I am working on!


Did you know?

Who’s Hot Right Now?

My current Bollywood obsession is Priyanka Chopra. I really love her films and could not be happier that she is finding success on the other side of The Atlantic in Hollywood right now. I have started watching Quantico and think it is an excellent drama. She really stretches herself in it and shows some serious acting chops. I am particularly pleased because its success (it has already been renewed for a second season!) means that she will be offered even more exciting and interesting roles dues to her increased visibility.

I also love her style and think she look just beautiful in her pearl white Oscar gown. She carried it with grace and elegance and really did all of Bollywood proud. For you can see more of her breathtaking looks and find out more about Bollywood fashion here.

My favorite film of hers is Barfi, which really showcases her immense talent, as she looks on the role of an Autistic girl and did so with truthfulness, charisma and empathy.

We can also praise beautiful and talented Aishwarya Rai. The former Miss World is a woman who perfectly showcases the beauty and feminism of Indian. In addition, she has had a wildly successful career and her movies have been seen by billions of all over the world.

What I find today which is a real pity is that as soon as an actress or a Indian singer have a little more success they shoot off to America or Hollywood, abandoning their Indian fans. *Ahem, Priyanka Chopra*

Anyway, back to Aishwarya Rai! Did you know that she began to be successful with the appearance of the movie "Jean" with which she represented India to Oscars. In my own opinion it is not her best movie, I preferred her roles which followed this first success. I simply adored her in Devdas in 2002, this movie was a box office smash. She is indeed of highest paid actresses in Bollywood, it is necessary to say that she deserves it amply with these performances deserving of big movies.


My love of football started when I was six and I used to watch the occasional game with my dad. My dad is an avid Leicester supporter (he grew up there) and has never failed to miss a game. Even with the time difference he would record games and we would watch them together later that day. Then when I was 12 and we went on holiday to the UK we all went to see a Leicester game. I loved the experience and cannot begin to describe what I felt at that game. It was just so different from watching it on TV and atmosphere and camaraderie meant that even though we saw one goal and it was freezing cold I never once wished I was somewhere else.

Anyway enough about me. At the end of last season Leicester City finished as near to the bottom of the table as they could without being relegated down from the Premier League, which they had only recently worked their way up too. Seeing them back in the Champions League would have been a blow after their tremendous work getting promoted, so to be honest I didn’t have such high hopes for their future. However, they proved myself and all the other doubters wrong, and this season has been magical. Not only were they able to get ahead and impress early this season, while a lot of top teams were still trying to find their mojo after the break, but they have also worked incredibly hard to stay at the top. Now with just 4 matches left to play, Leicester look set to win the Premier League, which will quite possibly be one of the greatest sporting stories in history.

It is not all done and dusted though and I am trying to keep my hopes in check because they are only 5 points ahead of Tottenham. While this looks like a big lead, Tottenham are on brilliant form and the momentum is really going their way. They all the strongest team in the Premier League with the best goal differential and one of the greatest scorers (Harry Kane has scored 24 goals so far – more than Aston Villa has managed as a team). On top of that Leicester has some big teams left to play, which will be a real test. Fingers crossed they hold their nerve and see it through to the end. Me and my dad will have a right party if they do!


Now we come onto my next and potential main love: gaming.

Why do I love gaming? Well I love being able to escape and step into another world. Being able to leave my own consciousness for a bit and identify with someone else’s experience and being able to play out the most absurd situations which thankfully I would never encounter in real life is a real gift!

I also love the challenge of gaming and the instant gratification it brings. One reason why I’ve always been interested in creative things is that on the whole you are able to see your creations and hard work come to light quite quickly and play out in wonderful ways. Being able to achieve things on a daily basis and experience successes, even if they are just virtual is really invigorating.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, it’s time for me to talk about games I love. The first game I remember playing as a kid was The Sims. I know, quite a standard one there, but I loved being able to watch this other life and see these character grow and interact with things I created. After that I furthered my love of Harry Potter by playing the video games. Now both the game I mentioned are nice but nothing groundbreaking or revolutionary.

For me to two best games of all time are Portal, which is a first person puzzle game, that involves taking part in a scientific experiments created by an evil organisation without dying – and believe me, they try really hard to kill you. As you go through the game the puzzles become increasingly difficult and so does the challenge and reward factor.

The next game I love is Half Life 2. For me this is the best example of a first player open platform game where you are able to explore a world and feel like you are really in it and the characters are talking to you. The story and script for this game is phenomenal and really sucks you in from the get go. Plus, you get to kills a whole lot of weird zombie creatures.


If you would like to game together, get cheats, talk football or get Bollywood film recommendations then send me a message at tkinney@yahoo.com